Position Descriptions

What do LBT missionaries do?

So what do LBT missionaries do? They use their skills and interests to bring God’s Word to those who do not yet have it. They help others overcome language and cultural barriers to encounter Christ through translated Scriptures. Using your talents, you can be a missionary in the following ways.

Language Survey Specialist

Do you like to rough it?
Do you enjoy the challenge of new situations?
Do you enjoy interacting with new people?
Are you able to do research and analyze data?

Bible Translation Advisor

Do you enjoy detailed, analytical work?
Do you work best in a team setting?
Do you have an ear for languages?

Literacy/Scripture Engagement Specialist

Do you enjoy teaching others?
Can you develop creative materials for learning?
Do you have excellent writing skills?
Are you open to using non-traditional teaching methods such as drama and storytelling?

Ethnomusicology Specialist

Do you have a background in music theory or education?
Do you enjoy cultural music?
Can you stimulate the creativity of others?

Vernacular Media Specialist

Do you have a background in communications?
Do you have experience in audio recording and video editing?
Can you adapt to unconventional locations and situations that require creativity?

Missionary Children's Tutor

Are you a certified teacher?
Do you enjoy teaching one on one?
Are you able to teach a variety of subjects and grade levels?

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