Partnership Development

What is Partnership Development?

During this period of six months to a year, a new missionary's primary responsibility is identifying churches, schools, mission groups, and individuals to partner with him or her in prayer and financial support.

LBT missionaries have a significant role in educating the Lutheran community about the importance of the ministry of Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture use. They provide learning opportunities by:

  • speaking in church services
  • visiting with individuals
  • small group presentations (Bible studies, men's and women's groups
  • speaking with Sunday and day schools
  • writing prayer letters

Through these contacts, relationships are formed and a group of prayer and financial partners is identified for each missionary team.

LBT provides assistance in contacting churches and in preparing presentations and displays. LBT pays the travel costs connected with speaking events.

LBT operates on a pooled income basis. Each year, missionaries are given a financial goal to support the income pool. Some missionaries routinely exceed this goal, others occasionally fall short. With the pooled income plan, no one missionary or program suffers due to lack of funding.

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