In Depth Investigation of Mission


2014 Workshop Date Aug 6-9

If you, or people you know are interested in the possibility of becoming missionaries, then I.D.I.O.M. (In Depth Investigation of Mission) is a great place to find out more and to fill in the blanks.

The I.D.I.O.M. sessions encourage and advise individuals and couples who are considering missionary service.

A wide range of topics and issues are covered, including training, living standards and expectations on the field, cross cultural engagement, and the role of nationals in the translation process.

Many participants say the most valuable aspect is the ability to ask questions to and spend time with seasoned missionaries.

Next IDIOM Workshop will be August 6-9, 2014

There is no cost for the workshop. Once you arrive in Chicago, LBT provides transportation, housing and meals. For more information, contact Peter Slayton at, or call 800-532-4253 X 23. Registration is due mid-July for the August event. Registration is limited and any late registrations will be considered on a case by case basis, depending on the availability of housing. Click to Register Now!

So why "IDIOM"?

The word "idiom" is frequently used in the world of Bible translation. One definition of an idiom is a style or manner of expression peculiar to a given people. We use idioms all the time. We keep tabs on things, make mountains out of molehills, jump the gun, and then can't make heads or tails out of it. If you try to translate these expressions into another language, you might have a hard time conveying the correct meaning. Bible translators run into this problem all the time while translating Scripture.

So why IDIOM? Because through our workshops we want to help you understand what it is that an LBT missionary goes through on the field. We want to give you a taste of the major parts of missionary life with LBT, and idioms are a part of that. When you join us for the three day workshop in Aurora, Ill., you will be participating in an In Depth Investigation of Mission. And just as our missionaries have fun learning idioms on the field, you will have fun learning about life as an LBT missionary through our I.D.I.O.M. at the Service Center.

For directions to Aurora and our Service Center, see our Service Center Visit page. From there you will find a map of our area as well as directions from your specific location.

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