Careers with LBT

Lutheran Bible Translators has ongoing opportunities for service overseas. Here are a few of our current opportunities, though, as the list is continually being updated, it is not intended to be complete or authoritative. To inquire about any of these opportunities, please Contact our Recruiter.


Rumanyo New Testament Translation Advisor

Located in the Northeastern panhandle of Namibia, the Rumanyo people are seeking a person with a strong Biblical background and good Greek skills to help in the translation of the Rumanyo New Testament. LBT is seeking a Lutheran to begin training as soon as possible in order to prepare to assist in this long-term project (10 years). Clergy status is highly desirable but not required. LBT will be partnering closely with the local Catholic community for this language project so any missionary desiring to serve on this project will need to be sensitive to the diversity in theological backgrounds that will be represented on the translation team. Families and second-career individuals are highly encouraged to inquire about this need.

Scripture Engagement Specialist

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) is seeking an experienced individual or family to consult in Scripture Engagement programs and initiatives in Namibia. This position would be responsible for assisting programs in several language groups and would be located just north of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. To meet this need, LBT is seeking someone with experience in Christian Education or Christian Outreach and has been active in ministry in their local parish or community. Creative individuals are highly desired as this position will have a significant focus on the arts and media in addition to the standard literacy initiatives. LBT will provide much of the training necessary for this position, but interested individuals or families need to have a significant outreach background and overseas experience is highly desired.

Other Service Opportunities

Please visit our Urgent Needs page to learn more about our need for missionary kid tutors or teaching assistants. We have three missionary families who need assistance in providing quality education to their children.

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