Facts and Figures

English speaking people are used to having a wide range of choices when they select a Bible. There are at least 250 different translations and editions of the Bible in English. The rest of the world is not as fortunate.

Around the World

6.5 Billion - Current world population
6,909 Languages currently spoken in the world (SIL Ethnologue)
2,479 Languages with all or a portion of the Bible
451 Languages with a complete Bible
1,185 The number of language communities which have access to the New Testament in their heart language
843 Languages with only a portion of Scripture
4,430 Languages that have no Scripture

LBT's Response

72 Total LBT missionaries
   41 Current LBT missionaries
   31 Current LBT associate missionaries
18 LBT Service Center staff
15 Countries in which LBT is working
22 Bible translation programs in process
59 Scripture Engagement and related programs in progress
4 Language Development programs in progress
51 Different language groups involved
85 Total LBT programs
32 New Testaments, 1 Old Testament and other translations completed
7 Million people who have or had access to God's Word from those completed Scriptures.


Incorporated: May 19, 1964
State of Incorporation: California
   Rev. Morris and Lois Watkins
Executive Director:
   Mike Rodewald
Director of Program Ministries / Interim Executive Director:
   David Snyder
Director of Advancement:
   Mike Ferguson
Director of Finance and Operations:
   Joseph Dunsey, CPA

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